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Common Knowledge: The Social Enterprise That's Teaching People To Build Their Own Homes

Margent Farm, a British hemp farm in Cambridge, is working with emerging Irish enterprise Common Knowledge on an exciting housing initiative. Common Knowledge, based outside Ennistymon on Ireland’s West Coast, is a non-profit social enterprise whose mission is to equip people with the skills to achieve an inexpensive, viable and happy home. They run a number of workshops covering skills such as bricklaying, carpentry and welding. This year the company has dedicated its energy to The Tiny Home

Do the women of KU want kids?

Official figures show rise in number of millennial women childfree by the age of 30. Recent reports from the Office for National Statistics show that women are having fewer children and at a later age, prompting discussions amongst students about their future plans. Figures have shown that a record 50.1% of women in England and Wales born in 1990 were childless by their 30th birthday. On Radio 4’s Today programme, presenter Nick Robinson enraged listeners after asking if women are delaying mo

Is dating doomed?

Dating is undoubtedly difficult, but as humans, it is natural for us to fantasise about meeting our soul mates and establishing an unbreakable bond. For years, the notion of finding our other half during our time at university has loomed over us. Romance movies create unrealistic portrayals of what relationships are like for young adults. Perhaps there was a time when love was as simple, but it is evident that many of us have passed this period. “People have too many options. Everyone has an

What Kingston has to offer

Getting to grips with Kingston, after a long year indoors, can be daunting for those that have just started university. Now that the hype of freshers’ week is over, do not panic. This handy guide will support you on your quest to explore the trendiest and most popular places that the town has to offer. Perhaps you are not much of a party animal and need an extra boost to feel at home. These activities will be perfect for you and your newfound friends. The Rose Theatre, renowned as a ‘unique t


When beginning your transition, ‘Chest binding’ can seem extremely daunting. With hundreds of binding alternatives to pick from, our team here at Aphroditus have selected two popular, affordable and safe binder brands which will help you achieve a ‘minimal’ to ‘no bust’ appearance, in no time. Finding an Affordable and high-quality binder can be very difficult. Two Binder outlets that have been recommended by the LGBT foundation are; GC2B and Spectrum Outfitters. Both of these stores are accessi

Genderless Fashion the Future of the Industry

Some of our favourite Celebrities and Social media influencers have assisted in revolutionising the fashion industry by pushing and promoting genderfluidity to the forefront of the media and inspiring many to be unapologetically themselves. We are excited to announce that many high-street stores this year have plans to release more exclusive genderfluid collections. Over the past few years, the world’s most innovative fashion brands have become focused on blurring the boundaries of gender. Popu

2021 Return of the mullet

In 2020 we saw the rebirth of the iconic and genderless mullet haircut and this year it's back again, but even better with many creating, modifying and personalising their cuts for a more modern take on the traditional mullet. This year we have seen the comeback of many trends, but the most surprising of them all has to be the 1980’s mullet, which for many is seen as an extremely controversial cut. Over the past year, this hairstyle has thrived on TikTok with the #mullet tag reaching over 1.8 b

Student opens bakery in Seething-Wells

Yasmin Umar, 19, who is a self-taught baker based in Seething Wells Halls of Residence has started up her own bakery business. Umar specialises in cakes which includes a wide selection of different assorted flavours, designs and sizes. Umar is a 1st-year student at Kingston University who started up her business earlier this month. Y: "I’ve always been passionate about cooking. It’s a hobby of mine so I figured why not use this skill to make money, also when you’re in university it’s easy to fi

Seething Wells Action Group urging locals to sign petition

Seething Wells Action Group are urging residents to sign their in effort to stop the destruction of the historic Seething Wells filter-beds Thousands of Kingston residence have signed a petition to stop the destruction of the Seething Wells filter-beds. The filter beds are of great significance for many. Built 170 years ago, these filter beds assisted in combating London’s' 1854 Cholera pandemic, by providing clean water. This is a unique and historical site that due to neglect of its owners ha